Increase Your Facebook Fan Page by Talking about Facebook

How would you like to increase your Facebook page? Many freelance writers, authors, businesses, and professionals have Facebook fan pages for different reasons. Authors and freelance writers use them to increase book sales and or gain clients. If your fan page doesn’t have many fans, talking about Facebook could change that. This sounds off beat […]

New Blog Series: The Bottom Line with Rebecca

I’m starting a ‘new blog series’ called The Bottom Line with Rebecca. I’m a ‘big picture’ person who doesn’t like to get caught up in the details. Not that details aren’t important but if you spend a lot time on them, you could get lost. I like when people get to the point, make it, […]

Freelance Writers Be like Santa Claus and Check the Facts Twice

The journalists at the The NY Times are revered as some of the best journalists in the world. However, in a recent article about a ‘whiteout’ at the Academy Awards, it’s believed they misrepresented how many African Americans won an Oscar. Barbara Walters brought this up on the February 14, 2011 episode of The View […]

Should You Start a Blog?

To start a blog or not to start a blog — that is the question. The internet is full of blogs on many, many subjects. Some professionals don’t think they need a blog but freelance writers know that a blog is an easy way to showcase their writing ability. A blog is a cheap marketing […]