Is Black Swan Based on an Archetype?

Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for her performance in the Black Swan. It’s a riveting tale about a ballerina who wins the coveted role in Swan Lake, but she slowly lose her mind and becomes the Black Swan, the White Swan’s evil twin. Is this movie based on an archetype called the Black Swan? […]

Catch Writing Mistakes with These Tools

Even the best freelance writers make mistakes from time-to-time; it does happen. The key is to find and correct your mistakes before you submit your work to an editor or client. Proofread your work twice if you have to because you don’t want to turn in sloppy work. Your client and editor wouldn’t appreciate unchecked […]

How to Pitch Your Idea to The Travel Channel?

I have a couple of ideas for The Travel Channel and decided to send them an email. They won’t accept unsolicited ideas or material and will dismiss or disregard ideas sent to them. Here’s an excerpt from their website, “Travel Channel only accepts proposals from established production companies who have previously discussed their idea with […]