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[box title=”Market Watch” align=”left”]Featured in the Founders Spotlight series in partnership with Finance Strategists. Published August 26, 2020. Read my interview![/box]

[box title=”Finance Strategist” align=”left”]Interviewed for their Founder Spotlight in partnership with Market Watch. Published August 2020. Read my interview![/box]

[box title=”” align=”left”]Featured in the December 15, 2018 roundup, 25 Bloggers Reveal Three Best Marketing Tools – Experts Advice, on Read my answer.[/box]

[box title=”” align=”left”]Featured in the December 7, 2018 roundup, 15 Effective Networking Tips to Help Build Valuable Relationships, on Scroll down to #13 and read my tips![/box]

[box title=”” align=”left”]Featured in the October 11, 2018 roundup, Best Email Marketing Strategy: 45+ Experts Sharing Their #1 Strategy For Beginners, on[/box]

[box title=”Blogging” align=”left”]Featured in the September 12, 2018 roundup, 113 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Email Marketing Tools, on Blogging You may also find the article on Growth HackersBizSugar and  and GuestCrew.[/box]

[box title=”Render Forest” align=”left”]Featured in the September 12, 2018 roundup, What Kind of Video Maker Tools Do Marketers Use.[/box]

[box title=”Success Magazine” align=”left”]Featured in the October 2015 Success Magazine article “You’ve Got To Ask: Be Direct and Specific So You Get What You Need” written by Tory Johnson, GMA Deals and Steals Contributor and founder of Spark and Hustle.[/box]

[box title=”Bryant and Stratton College – Parma, OH” align=”left”]On April 1, 2015, I participated as an employer in mock interviews from Bryant and Stratton College, Parma, Ohio campus. I interviewed several students during a “general” interview and gave them feedback. I also provided tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn to network and find jobs and create an SEO resume. The mock interviews were fun and I was glad to help students navigate the interview process.[/box]

[box title=”First Site Guide” align=”left”]I was invited to share my marketing tips with newbie bloggers on First Site Guide, a wonderful website that helps people start a personal or business blog/site.[/box]

[box title=”The Cat Who Wears a Tuxedo Every Day” align=”left”]

Post by PetSmart Charities.

A dog-loving woman learns most of what she’s been told about cats was wrong after she adopted Benny at a PetSmart Charities Cat Adoption Center. Find out how this pretty kitty busted the myths:

This story was one of our favorite submissions from our Fall into a Nicholas Sparks Love Story Contest.


[box title=”Parma Woman Thought She Wanted a Dog Until She Met Benny, The Tuxedo Cat: People and Their Pets” align=”left”]Benny and I were featured in the People and Their Pets section of the November 20, 2014 Sun News; featured in People and Their Pets and on January 8, 2015 too. My hope is that others will consider adopting shelter animals, especially those who may be less adoptable, like Benny. He was overlooked because of his black and white fur (studies have shown color influences an animal’s adoption).[/box]

[box title=”John Muir Elementary Right to Read Week, May 16, 2014” align=”left”]On May 16, 2014, I had the opportunity to read A Home for Benny, Book One, in my children’s picture book series, Benny, the Tuxedo Cat, to Mrs. Gorey’s Kindergarten Class at John Muir Elementary School in Parma, Ohio. Read the article Celebrity readers, special events help John Muir, Thoreau Park students get excited about reading, to find out more about Right to Read Week.[/box]

[box title=”Amandah Blackwell, Writer for Hire in Parma, Enjoys a Varied Workload: Five Questions” align=”left”]I was interviewed by Brian Byrne, Northeast Ohio Media Group for the Sun News section, Five questions. The article was published on September 27, 2013.[/box]