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Need a professional blogger, content writer, copywriter, or ghostwriter?

I provide more than this because I'm a one-woman agency for communications and content marketing: I perform content strategy, keyword research, planning, and production.

Think of me as your Director of Marketing Communications: I provide creative direction and counsel to ensure your marketing strategies and messages are clear across all media, including web and print.

I view my collaboration with clients as business partnerships.

Hire Savvy-Writer Amandah Blackwell as Your Blog Content Writer and Copywriter.

Amandah Blackwell writing servicesFor example:

Does your blog content or copy writing—or your client's blog content and copy writing persuade, entertain, excite, surprise, seduce? Does it come to life off of the page or screen and make those who read it want to take action? Maybe. Maybe not. This is where I come into play as a freelance blog content writer, copywriter, and ghostwriter.

I serve the following clients:

  • Marketing & PR and Digital Media Agencies
  • Industry Specific [see below], Small ($10+ million) to Large-Sized Companies

- Accounting
- Health and wellness and fitness
- Legal
- Travel

To reach a target audience, your content writing and copy writing has to be savvy. Why? Because like it or not the search engines and social media has made it that way.

Don't panic! You can attract and retain new business and engage with prospects in no time, if your content and copy is optimized and up to date.

Let's face it. Wouldn't your time be better spent working ON your business, instead of IN it? I think so.

Prior to becoming a freelance blog writer, content writer and copywriter, I spent spent time in the accounting, advertising, and real estate industries, so you're getting a writer who puts her unique experience, knowledge, and attention to detail into writing and editing.

Savvy-Writer Services


Are you a business owner with a nonfiction book idea that you must publish?

I ghost wrote a 20,000 word eBook for a certified personal trainer and can help you navigate the world of self-publishing and/or traditional publishing.

If you're not a writer or don't have time to write, I can help get your book or eBook to your readers.

What's included:

  • Ghostwriting.
  • Consulting and coaching. 
Writing Services

As someone with a diversified business background, I understand what it takes to run a company today.

Here are the writing services I offer:

  • Article Writing (online and print)
  • Blog Content
  • Case Studies
  • Copywriting [press releases]
  • Newsletter Content
  • Social Media Content

Note: Blog posts, content writing, and online articles are optimized with your keywords and phrases. If you don't have keywords, ask me about keyword research. Keep in mind that inbound marketing includes: content, SEO, and social media.


If you need help with your book, brand, message, or inbound marketing strategy, I can provide you with valuable insights and strategies through business strategy advising. 


Are you looking for an enthusiastic, easy going, and fun motivational or conference speaker? Hire me to speak to your employees, networking group, or conference attendees. Topics are: blogging, communications (verbal and written) in the workplace, content writing, copywriting, inbound marketing, marketing & PR, non-dues based revenues, nonprofit leadership, personal and professional development, and social media.

The energy I bring is light and professional, not hyper or in your face. The goal is to teach and provide others with concrete information and tools that they can implement straightaway. 

Read client testimonials.

Are You Ready for Writing that Isn't Stale or Boring?

Words have the power to: influence an audience, solve problems, and change lives for the better.

Tweaking a paragraph here, or a page there, can make a world of difference to your business.

You can increase readership, boost your bottom line, and convert visitors into customers and clients. Your business will experience a growth spurt (and continue to grow) and you wouldn't have lifted a finger.

If you're ready to say "Goodbye" to struggling with your content writing, copy writing, or ghostwriting, then...Contact Me Today!