Increase your sales with a B2B catalog

How To Design the Perfect B2B Catalog

This guest blog post about designing the perfect B2B catalog on Savvy-Writer is from Tishant, Marketing Coordinator, at DCatalog. B2B catalogs are a fundamental tool for sales and marketing. To showcase your stunning products, you need to have a stunning way of displaying them. Designing an eye-catching digital catalog is an amazing way to help […]

Marketing and data analytics. Book cover: The Data Mirage: Why Companies Fail to Actually Use Their Data by Ruben Urgarte

What Marketers Need to Know about Data

This guest post is from Ruben Ugarte, founder of Practico Analytics, providing expertise in data analytics. He has worked with companies on five continents and in all company stages, helping them to use data to make higher quality decisions, boost performance, increase profitability, and make their teams world-class. He also maintains a popular blog with more […]