Do You Have a Blog for Your Author Website?

If you don’t know what a blog is then you must not be ready to embrace technology. A blog is short for web log. It started out as an online diary; however, businesses, artists, musicians, and professionals began to implement it as part of their marketing strategy. If you have an author website, you may […]

How to Get Started in Freelance and Eulogy Writing

I received an email from Christina who wanted more information on freelance writing, specifically eulogy writing. She writes: Hi Amandah- I found your site on a google search and I am hoping you could provide some insight for me on your line of work, particularly in regards to eulogy writing. I’ve recently been curious about […]

Tips for Writing a Formal Champagne Wedding Toast

Caviar and champagne wishes to the married couple! We didn’t think this day would ever arrive (guests laugh), but here we are celebrating the two of you. Many people go through life searching for that perfect partner only to come up empty handed. Congratulations to the both of you for finding each other! May your […]

The 3 C’s in Forum Writing

Many people post on forums because it’s a great way to create backlinks for their website. However, forum writing is an art form. Leaving a generic or vague comment won’t make you an expert; it will make you a nuisance to those who take the forum seriously. If you want to be taken seriously, write […]

Freelance Writers Stop Finding Disappointing Clients

I come from a military family. My father loved the military, specifically the U.S. Army, and served four years. He instilled in me many values which include honesty, trust, and loyalty. In addition to stressing honesty, trust, and loyalty, my mom and dad taught my sister and me the importance of keeping your word and […]