How to Get Started in Freelance and Eulogy Writing

I received an email from Christina who wanted more information on freelance writing, specifically eulogy writing. She writes:

Hi Amandah-

I found your site on a google search and I am hoping you could provide some insight for me on your line of work, particularly in regards to eulogy writing. I’ve recently been curious about how to be hired on as a freelance writer, and have an interest in eulogy writing specifically. Through helping friends and family with anything from cover letters to eulogies, I’ve found a value in alleviating a stress that a family goes through by giving the gift of my writing at the time of their loss. Just recently my aunt passed away, and my family turned to me to turn around a eulogy in a few hours. I was honored, and I’m told I exceeding their expectations. To be able to give back in this way would be a valuable use of my skills, and allow me to provide comfort to people during difficult times.

I’m based in San Francisco, and have a successful career in sales at a start up company here. I’m 27 and while writing has always been a passion, I am curious what it takes to pursue another level. My schedule is flexible, and I’d be able to dedicate time interviewing and meeting with families in the Bay Area to ensure the highest quality of work.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Thank you for contacting me!

Freelance writing is a great part-time career that could turn into a full-time one with the right attitude and ‘niche’ market. Sometimes freelance writers like to be everything to everyone but it may not work out for you if you’re stretched too thin. I always recommend choosing three or less ‘niche’ or specialty areas of writing because you want to make sure you’re 100% focused on your clients and their projects.

Here are some freelance writing tips

  • What do you like to write? Blogs, bios, articles, curriculum, web content, ghostwriting books, short sales form, long sales form, eulogies, advertising and marketing copy, speeches, and career are just a few ‘specializations’ you can choose. If you’re beginning in freelance writing (don’t quit your day job), test the waters and select a couple specialties. Not only will you be able to pay the bills, but you’ll discover your what you enjoy writing.
  • Make sure you’re really passionate about freelance writing; if you are create a website using WordPress, Blogger, or some other platform. The website should be user friendly with a pleasing color scheme.
  • In addition to the About, Bio, and Contact page, create a portfolio page. Clients love to see samples of work. This gives them the opportunity to view your work. Also, ask for testimonials. A testimonial will add to your ‘authority’ and increase your reputation.
  • Create a business card.
  • Create a Twitter account for your writing. Once you gain your ‘freelance writing legs,’ create a Facebook fan page. If you’re not already on LinkedIn, you may want to sign up for it.
  • Networking is a great way to spread the word that you’re an available freelance writer. You can network online through groups such as the ones on LinkedIn or join groups in your city. Visit because you’ll find plenty of networking groups on the website. Check out my ‘Resources‘ page because I list networking groups that can be found across the U.S.
  • Become a guest blogger to increase your online presence. This is a win-win situation because you’ll provide content for websites and receive a backlink to your website.
  • Peruse Craigslist (use with caution) to find freelance writing opportunities. Sign up with Mediabistro because they have plenty of writing opportunities.
  • Learn SEO because clients will ask for ‘optimized’ blogs, web content, or articles.

How to obtain eulogy writing opportunities

  • This may sound weird, but you may want to contact funeral homes. Introduce yourself and ask them if they provide eulogy writing to their clients. If you’re told “No,” tell them who you are and that you’re available to work with families. Who knows, you could strike up a partnership with one of them.
  • You may want to approach churches and other places of worship.
  • You may want to contact cemeteries. It may sound morbid but a cemetery is a final resting place for the dearly departed. Perhaps the families are so distraught they haven’t thought about writing a eulogy for the funeral and or cemetery service.
  • Consider approaching assisting living and nursing homes. I’m not sure what they offer people when their relatives pass away but it’s worth a try.
  • If you wrote eulogies for family and friends, get their permission to use them as samples.

Freelance writing is a great career but it’s also a business. You must be comfortable with sales and marketing and reaching out to people. Networking plays a big role as well. If you’re ready to embark on a fun and rewarding journey, become a freelance writer today. Good luck!

What’s your ‘writing’ passion? Share.