Freelance Writers Use Paragraph Headers in Your Blog Posts and Articles

Freelance writers, sometimes writing long winded blog posts or articles can lose its vitality if you don’t use paragraph headers. Too many rambling paragraphs can be boring, not to mention the strain it puts on the eyes. Using thoughtful headers can add life to your blog posts and articles. And, it will hold a reader’s attention.

If you’re writing a ‘how to’ article or blog post use paragraph headers for each section because it can help move your writing along. For example, if you’re writing an article about ‘How to Lose Weight with Nintendo Wii,’ break up paragraphs with headers such as ‘Physical Benefits of Using Nintendo Wii’ or ‘Top 10 Fitness Games for Nintendo Wii’ and other headers. This way your writing will flow and it will keep the reader interested.

Benefits of adding paragraph headers

Freelance writers, sometimes it’s necessary to use headers if you’re writing a technical article. You don’t want the reader to get lost within the article. Help them move through the article by providing paragraph headers. The information won’t overwhelm, and they’ll be able to read the article with ease.

Another benefit of paragraph headers is that it will keep your writing on track. Sometimes a freelance writer will get lost in thought and ramble on (Led Zeppelin fans will like that one). Paragraph headers keep your writing on track; you won’t leave out important information.

How else can you break up paragraphs?

You can always incorporate a list if it’s important to the blog post or article. Some writers don’t like to incorporate a list within a blog post or article but a reader may find it useful. A reader can ‘zero-in’ on pertinent information — the reader gets in and gets out.

Freelance writers, using paragraph headers can add life to your blog posts and articles. It’s a great way to vary your writing style, and your reader won’t get bored with your writing. If you’re unsure about using paragraph headers, try it out. You can always go back to your old writing style.


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