Different Writing Styles Can Take Your Freelance Writing to the Next Level

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The voices in my head are getting louder! As a freelance writer, I sometimes think that writing in the same voice, style, and tone can become boring. It’s refreshing to write in a different style, tone, or voice because it stretches you as a writer. In fact, if you want to write a fiction novel, you may consider using a pen name which could give you the permission you need to write in another voice.

I have a personal blog and have been toying with the idea of writing a couple of posts in a different voice. However, this can either help or hurt my blog. Active readers may wonder if I lost my mind, while new readers may find my ‘new voice’ to be a breath of fresh air. It’s a decision I’ve yet to make but I’m itching to try something different. Writing in the same voice can become tedious and quite frankly bloody boring!

I think a lot of freelance writers are afraid to write in a different style, tone, or voice because they’re worried what others may think. If this is the case, you can always write a couple of blog posts using a pseudo identity. This way readers won’t know it’s you, and you’ll be able to sleep at night.

Exploring different writing styles can help freelance writers hone their writing skills. Think about it for a moment. If you keep writing in the same style, tone, and voice, how will you improve your writing skills? Staying in your comfort zone means you won’t grow as a writer. You could be missing out on writing opportunities because you’re not willing to try to write in another style, tone, or voice.

Freelance writers, change can be good, if you’re open to it. If you’re unsure of how your writing will be received if you use another style, tone, or voice, start a blog using a pseudo name and read the comments from readers. You can always write a couple of articles, post them on Ezine Articles (using your real name), and analyze the results. Analyze how well are the articles performing. Are readers clicking on your bio and website? Are your new articles receiving more traffic than your previous articles? If your new articles are receiving more traffic, you may want to stick with your new style, tone, and voice.

Freelance writers, life’s too short to stay stuck in a rut. You could land a couple of ‘sweet deals’ with various publications or have your own column if your try something new. If you don’t take a risk now and again, your life will become ‘ho-hum’ and boring. Is that what you want? If not, explore your wild side and write a couple of articles that will make editors, publishers, and readers take notice. Take a risk and see where it leads you. It could be a fun and wealthy ride!


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  1. Thank you! I’m testing out different styles, tones, and voices. It’s a great way to stretch your writing skills.

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