New Blog Series: The Bottom Line with Rebecca

I’m starting a ‘new blog series’ called The Bottom Line with Rebecca. I’m a ‘big picture’ person who doesn’t like to get caught up in the details. Not that details aren’t important but if you spend a lot time on them, you could get lost. I like when people get to the point, make it, and move on. For example, many people provide videos that don’t get to the point. They give you a lot of details without providing substance. What’s the point? What are you trying to say? What are you trying to teach? Getting lost within the details slows life down. Again, details have their place, but sometimes it’s better to take a view from 30,000 feet in order adjust the details when necessary.

Lately, I’ve been asking “What’s the point?” more so than usual. I’m also wondering if anyone else is asking that same question. When I receive a video, I often ask myself, “What’s the point?” When I attend a teleseminar or webinar, I ask “What’s the point?” This is why I’m starting my new blog series The Bottom Line with Rebecca. Perhaps it’s my accounting background coming out to play, but I had to be detail oriented in my work. However, my controller didn’t want the details, he wanted the bottom line!

What topics will be included in The Bottom Line with Rebecca series?

Freelance writing
Freelance business
Freelance artists/designers
Sales and marketing
and Much more!

Stay tuned for more about The Bottom Line with Rebecca blog series!