Should You Start a Blog?

To start a blog or not to start a blog — that is the question. The internet is full of blogs on many, many subjects. Some professionals don’t think they need a blog but freelance writers know that a blog is an easy way to showcase their writing ability. A blog is a cheap marketing tool that doesn’t take long to create, especially if you use WordPress. If you don’t have a blog, you may want to consider starting one.

I have a couple of blogs: one for, a personal blog, an advocacy blog, and a parent/teen life coaching website that has two blogs on it. This may seem a bit extreme but I’m a freelance writer and a blog is fabulous way for me to showcase my range as a writer. A blog allows me to prove to clients that I can write on any topic. Of course, some topics require more research than others but I get the job done.

Why start a blog?

If you’re starting out as a freelance writer, a blog can act as your portfolio. Clients request samples of work all of the time. Give them a link to your blog, and they’ll be able to review your work. It’s a lot easier than sending a Word or PDF document, unless, of course, clients ask for writing samples in these formats. Yes, sometimes they do!

A blog is one way to promote your business. Most clients or customers like to read blogs because they provide information they need. Customers want to know ‘how to’ do something or ‘why’ they should do it. Blog posts often offer a benefit or reward to customers; they’ll appreciate learning something new for free.

Should you start a blog?

Blogs serve many purposes. Perhaps you’re a travel writer or just a traveler who wants to document your every move throughout the world. You can set-up a “Where in the World Am I?” blog and keep readers, family, and friends updated on your travels. Who knows, it could lead to a career as a travel writer!

Whether or not you start a blog is entirely up to you. You can optimize posts through SEO — carefully selected keywords, phrases, and tags. It would be wise for a freelance writer to have a blog because it’s great advertising for your business. If you’re an experienced freelance writer, you can teach beginning freelance writers a thing or two about the business. Happy blogging!


Do you have a blog? Why? Why Not? Share.


  1. Very true about blogs promoting your business — I’ve recently learned this! =) The great thing about a blog is that it was my first online presence. When I comment on other blogs, I use my blog as my online identity. =)

  2. Commenting on blogs is an easy way to create backlinks to your website and connect with other writers, editors, publishers, PR people, etc…You never know where it will lead you.

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