Certifications and Memberships

Below are my certifications and memberships.


Google Analytics Academy Course. I enrolled in the Google Analytics Academy Course and passed the final assessment. The course covered information from creating funnels and goals to collecting campaign data.

SEMrush Academy. SEO .

SEMrush Academy. Technical SEO

SEMrush Academy. Local SEO

SEMrush Academy. Mobile SEO

SEMrush Academy. Keyword Research

SEMrush Academy. SEMrush Tools - On-Page and Technical SEO

SEMrush Academy. SEMrush Tools - Site Audit

SEMrush Academy. Social Media Marketing

SEMrush Academy. PPC exam and course.

SEMrush Academy. Start Selling on Amazon.

Content Writing.

Jon Morrow Guest Blogging Certification Program, June 2015.

American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) - Accelerated Copywriting Program, October 2014


The Travel Institute - Certified Well-Being Travel Specialist, November 2015

College of Disney Knowledge - Amandah Blackwell is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge, February 2016.

AM Resorts - Amandah Blackwell is an AM Resorts Master Agent, February 2016.

Amandah Blackwell Certified Globus Tour Expert Amandah Blackwell Monograms Booking Agent  Amandah Blackwell-Avalon Waterways Specialist

Local and National Memberships

Check Out Savvy-Writer Amandah Blackwell's Certifications and Memberships.   Check Out Savvy-Writer Amandah Blackwell's Certifications and Memberships.