How do You Begin Freelance Writing?

I was recently interviewed by a woman who wants to begin freelance writing. She just had a baby and has a toddler; she doesn’t want to go back to work full-time. She found me through The WM Freelance Connection, a website I was guest blogging for — April is my last month writing for the website. She has a teaching background and has written before; she’s just not sure how to get into freelance writing. It’s easy to begin, the key is to pick your niche market and find your passion!

Freelance writing can be a lucrative and rewarding career. You must be prepared to put some work into it. Opportunity will not literally knock upon your door. It’s up to you to market you and your writing. If you don’t like sales and marketing, it would behoove you to get over that right now.

Look for freelance writing opportunities in your backyard. Go to the local bookstore and ask if you can leave your business cards. Get involved with the Chamber of Commerce and attend meetings. Post flyers around your city in grocery stores, bookstores, and other establishments that will allow you to leave them.

Where do you find writing opportunities

1. Online
2. Networking events
3. Family and friends
4. Newspaper classifieds

The way I began freelance writing was answering an ad from a CareerBuilder prompt. I received a notification about a bookkeeping position that a travel company in Arizona had open (I have an accounting and management background). I visited the website and noticed the organization was looking for a marketing person and writer. I took a chance and submitted my resume for the marketing and writing opportunity. I worked on the marketing side for about two weeks when it was decided I was more suited for writing. Long story short, I’m still writing for my client.

If you’re serious about freelance writing begin today. Look on the internet, do your homework, and make sure you want to be a freelance writer. It’s a solitary career and you could become depressed. However, you can combat the non-social aspect by joining book clubs, writing groups, and participate in other activities. Good luck!


What interests in you in becoming a freelance writer?


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