How to Combat Freelance Writer’s Depression?

Photo by Sarah Lewis

If you’re a very, very social person being a freelance writer may not be for you. Some freelance writers experience depression on the job. After all, the writer’s life is one of solitary confinement. Unless you hire one or two writers to work with you, it can become very depressing to work by yourself. There’s no need to be blue about writing alone, you just require the knowledge and tools to free yourself from the grips of writer’s depression.

Writing can be a lonely profession. It’s best to know this before you decide to become a freelance writer. You may not like being confined to your home office. Staring at the same four walls every day could slowly drive you insane! Just kidding — but working by yourself could get to you if you let it.

Humans are social creatures and not being around people could make you irritable. For some people it’s just the opposite. However, being around the right people is the key. Surround yourself with like-minded folks and you’ll be just fine.

Being a freelance writer doesn’t have to be a depressing career. You could listen to music when you write. If you receive a ton of work, you could hire one or two writers to help you out. Who knows, your writing practice could take-off that you’ll have to move into a small office.

Tips to combat writer’s depression
1. Decorate your home office with colorful artwork.
2. Hire a feng shui expert to design your home office.
3. Have fresh flower in flowers or plants in your office.
4. Get a pet that you can easily manage.
5. Join book clubs and writers groups.
6. If possible, meet with your clients face-to-face once or twice a month.
7. Take a break and get outside. Go to the beach, park, or walk around your neighborhood.
8. Volunteer at for your favorite charity like the Humane Society (I do this).
9. Take up a hobby like painting, pottery, drawing, model airplanes, or whatever interests you.

Freelance writing is a wonderful profession. You actually get paid to do what you love. How many people can say that? Don’t allow the solitude to choke you like the black smoke from a bus’ exhaust system. Make sure you’re involved in activities other than writing. It’s good to branch out of your comfort zone and try something new.

If you’re feeling the freelance writing blues, take a break right now. Before you do something drastic like quit writing, find something else that you’re passionate about and do it. Writing doesn’t have to be a gloomy profession; you don’t have to be the stereotypical depressed artist. There’s a bright side to your profession, you just have to find and appreciate it!


What do you do to combat the non-social aspect of being a freelance writer?


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  2. I spend a bit of time online connecting with people who share my passions outside of writing: animals and tennis. On days when the work is easy, I can be writing, with a tennis match on in the background and a conversation happening on twitter. Other times, I meet with friends, read, throw dinner parties. I find that many people are fascinated that I make a living from writing, this means that strangers can quickly become acquaintances. As with any profession, you’re as lonely as you allow yourself to become.

  3. Thanks for the comment! I was a part of many writers groups in Arizona and also volunteered. There are many sites like that have tons of groups which makes it easy to meet people.

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