Why You Need to Hire a Ghostwriter?

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Hiring a ghostwriter can save you time and money. Perhaps you don’t enjoy writing or don’t have the research skills necessary for your book idea. Maybe you’d rather have someone else write the book so you can concentrate on your website and marketing endeavors for the book. Whatever the reason is hire a ghostwriter today and tomorrow wind up on the NY Best Sellers List!

You may think that hiring a ghostwriter is a hassle. Sometimes it can be if you hire someone who is not professional. Writers want to get paid for their work. Most of them will go above and beyond the call of the duty to ensure your book is completed on time and will be one of the best books on the market.

A ghostwriter is a great way to get your work published. Some ghostwriters may ask you to disclose that they wrote the material, others are happy to get paid. As the client, it’s up to you to whether or not you disclose that you used a ghostwriter. Make sure you tell your writer whether or not you’ll be disclosing the use of a ghostwriter. This will defuse any ego issues.

Develop a relationship with your ghostwriter. Working together will yield greater results. Working against each other will result in hurt feelings and animosity. The goal is to get your book published. The plan is to be cooperative with each other to ensure your book hits the internet and bookshelves in a timely manner.

Tips to hiring a ghostwriter

1. Visit the writer’s website.
2. Ask for samples of work.
3. Ask for references.
4. Make sure the writer understands the art of the disclosure. You may or may not disclose that you’re using a ghostwriter.
5. Get a proposal from the writer that outlines the scope of work.
6. Get all changes in writing.
7. Ask for weekly or bi-weekly updates via email.
8. Set a date and time to speak with your ghostwriter — once a week, twice a week, etc…

It’s best to hire a ghostwriter who is familiar with your subject matter because they’ll probably already have done some research and have books on the material. And, you’ll know that your ghostwriter will give more than 100% because they’re probably super passionate about the subject. On the flip side, you could hire a ghostwriter who is not familiar with your topic. As long as they have great research skills, you’ll be in good hands.

Working with a ghostwriter is a win-win situation. You get a book published and the writer receives the satisfaction of knowing they helped you become a published author. You can’t go wrong with a ghostwriter. Hire one today and watch as your book is the number one purchase on Amazon.com. Good luck!


What has been your experience with a ghostwriter? Share your experiences.