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13 Overused Buzzwords You Want to Stop Using

Why Would You Want to Stop Using Overused Buzzwords Is your small business going forward? Maybe you describe your new book on Amazon as ‘epic’. These are only a handful of overused buzzwords plaguing the content and copy of large and small companies around the world. Where is the creativity? Oh, the humanity! When I […]

Learn to RecruitGood Employess Via Social Media from Zip Recruiters.

Utilizing Current Social Media to Recruit Good Employees

If you’ve been struggling to recruit good employees, you may want to use social media. Why? Because millions of people are on social networks, e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn, and the employees you want to hire may be looking to work for your company. In this Guest Post from Amy Klimek, an experienced HR recruiter and VP of […]

Learn Why You May Want to Ignore Content Rules-Savvy-Writer

Ignoring Content Rules to Create Great Content

I let you in on a little secret. Rules and I sometimes don’t get along, especially when it comes to writing great content. As a kid, and even to this day, I was considered a rebel. I always asked and still do ask, “Why?” This, by the way, drove my teachers (I spent 9 years in […]