Get Unstuck and Transform Your Book into a Reality Part II

This is Part II of the information discussed in the webinar from Elizabeth Marshall, Host and Founder of AuthorTeleseminars and co-Author of The Contrarian Effect and Janet Goldstein about “uncovering the tipping points that will transform your message (and book) into a movement.” This webinar was one of the best I’ve listened to. Elizabeth and […]

Why: The Most Important Question for Writers

Most journalists ask “Why” questions. The other ones are who, what, when, and where. However, “Why” is one of the most important one, even although some people believe asking “Why” questions puts others on the defense and isn’t productive. I disagree. Why questions make you think about you desire and helps you reach or achieve […]

Freelance Writers Watch Out for Publication Predators

Recently, a photographer contacted me on behalf of a designer she worked with. This designer paid for an article to run in a lifestyle magazine I wrote for. The photographer found a comment I left on a blog post that was about the magazine not paying freelance writers. Lo and behold, they’re up to their […]

7 Writing Exercises and Prompts to Cure Writer’s Block

So, you think you have writer’s block? This can be cured by doing one or all of the writing exercises and prompts below. One of my favorite writing exercises is the Creative Copy Challenge. It’s a great way to ‘test’ out a story to see if it could become a #1 Best Selling novel or […]

Freelance Writers Find Paying Markets Here

Most freelance writers want to write for magazines or newspapers? The key is to find paying markets — emphasis on paying. Writers must be discerning when it comes to agreeing to write for publications. If the editor or publisher ‘hems and haws’ about paying you and avoids discussing the contract, run as fast as you […]