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Most freelance writers want to write for magazines or newspapers? The key is to find paying markets — emphasis on paying. Writers must be discerning when it comes to agreeing to write for publications. If the editor or publisher ‘hems and haws’ about paying you and avoids discussing the contract, run as fast as you can. Chances are the publisher has burned writers by not paying them. Take it from me; I know all too well how this works. Lesson learned!

Investigate publications before your pitch them your article ideas. How fast do they pay freelance writers? What is their turnaround time for invoices? Have they burned other freelance writers by not paying them? It’s important to work with publications that are well known and have the utmost integrity. Otherwise, you could waste your time writing for unsavory organizations that don’t deserve you or your writing.

Paying Markets for Freelance Writers

1. Wooden Horse Publishing. They provide writers with information on U.S. and Canada trade magazines.

2. Funds for Writers. Find writing opportunities that pay $350 and up.

3. WritersWeekly. The most popular place to find writing opportunities.

4. Writers Market. WritersMarket can help you find and retain success! You can find places to sell your writing, stay on top of the publishing industry, get advice on what to charge for your freelance writing, and much more.

5. Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers. This publication was found in 1999 by two moms who had babies under a year old. If you’re a freelance writer and a parent, check out this opportunity today. Do not send your article or pitch as an attachment!

6. Family Circle. Here’s another magazine that focuses on teens, family, food, style, and more!

7. Parade Magazine. Did you know that Parade is 95% freelance written?

8. The Writer. A monthly magazine for today’s writer.

9. The Writer’s Journal. Most of the magazine is written by staff writers, but they do accept articles from freelance writers.

10. Writer’s Digest. You’re probably familiar with this publication, but I included in case ‘new’ freelance writers aren’t aware of the magazine.

11. Woman’s Own. A UK lifestyle magazine for women 25-45.

12. Women’s eNews. A prize-winning nonprofit daily Internet-based news service supported by its readers, events, foundations and resale of its content.

I hope you take advantage of these paying markets! You may want to dedicate two or more hours per day (or the weekend) to finding paying markets. Read and re-read the writer’s guidelines and insist on a contract. If a publication doesn’t want to provide you with a contract that’s a red flag! You deserve to get paid for your writing. Good luck!


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