Get Unstuck and Transform Your Book into a Reality Part II

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This is Part II of the information discussed in the webinar from Elizabeth Marshall, Host and Founder of AuthorTeleseminars and co-Author of The Contrarian Effect and Janet Goldstein about “uncovering the tipping points that will transform your message (and book) into a movement.” This webinar was one of the best I’ve listened to. Elizabeth and Janet provided listeners with useful information about “getting unstuck and transforming a book into a reality.” I hope this information helps you turn your book into a reality!

Tipping and strategy points for authors

1. Worshiping the “False book God”. You believe that having a book is a magic thing. You believe it gives you some kind of cache. You think having a book is the “be all, end all.” You assume your book will launch your speaking or writing career and get you where you want to be. You don’t figure out or think about the right book for you. Your concept or idea becomes your Golden Ticket! You can’t see past your concept or idea. You’re highly emotionally attached to your book. You can’t recognize opportunities in front of your face because you’re too rigid. Your form (eBook, etc.) may not be the best form. You can’t see the forest through the trees.

Strategy: Stop being rigid and loosen your grip on your concept, idea, or message! Don’t forget why you started your book in the first place. Remember why you wanted to write your book. The book is a metaphor.

2. Not owning your role as CEO of your book. Whether you like it or not, being an author is a business. Authors are entrepreneurial. You don’t keep up with opportunities or strategies. You don’t know how to prioritize. You focus on hiring people like an editor, copywriter, web designer, marketing or PR firm, etc. You outsource without understanding the bigger picture. You’re the CEO and it’s your job to own that role; otherwise your book may not become a reality.

Strategy: It will behoove you to understand what you’re getting into. Educate yourself how all the elements fit strategically. Educate yourself about business, marketing and PR, social media, publishing, etc. Learn what a CEO does; interview CEOs if you have to. You’re still the spokesperson for your book. It’s imperative to know the “ins and outs” of being an author. You can’t do this alone. Get support and surround yourself with the right community. Visit Book Breakthrough and find out how they can support you today.

Comments and questions

I was lucky enough to have my question answered by Elizabeth and Janet. My question was, “If you don’t find a literary agent within a year, should you self-publish your book?”

If you do this and haven’t changed what you did, look at the “tipping points” to see where you could be stuck. Is your idea drawing people to you? Can you publish something smaller first such as chapter or booklet? Fill in the gaps before you give up looking for a literary agent. The book isn’t the Holy Grail. Try to think it through. What have you that you need to change? Remember, literary agents and publishers want to make money. They want to launch careers. Your book won’t be the “be all, end all.” You need many ideas once your first book is published.


If you’re stuck, the following homework will help you to get unstuck. Think about the “tipping points” and find the ones that are holding you back. Find one to two gap areas or an intuitive clue that says “Hmmm, there’s something here.” Which ones are most relevant for you? Choose one action to seize momentum.

1. Isolation or You dependent idea. Write an article or blog post and share with a community, friends, or family. Ask for constructive feedback. And make corrections where necessary.

2. Need based connecting/networking or Relationship. Pick one community and join the conversation. Join a forum, group, etc. Merge your idea with larger tribe.

3. Book God or Not truly owning CEO of your book. Follow a publishing blog such as Writer’s Digest, Nathan Bransford, etc. This way, you’ll know what’s going on within the publishing industry.


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