Mashing the Monkey Mind: Has Mental Chatter Talked You Out of Freelance Writing


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Has your ‘monkey mind’ talked you out of freelance writing? It’s easy to talk yourself out of anything. Once fear seeps into your brain, either through your own thinking, the media, or your family and friends, you can kiss your freelance writing dreams goodbye. It’s time to ‘squelch’ the monkey mind once and for all and go for what you want. Don’t you deserve to work in a career that you love?

Mental chatter and the talk about mental chatter is the basis for most self-help books. Authors write these books based on their own personal experiences or from their clients’. It’s amazing how excited you can be about freelance writing and writing in general but once FEAR makes its way into your mind, your dreams are dashed and you end up in a job you can’t stand. You know it, your employer knows it, and so do your co-workers. This is no way to live.

It’s important to know ‘why’ you want to be a freelance writer. Make a list and read it. Life is too short to do something that makes you miserable. You may have to work a full-time job that’s not for you, but you can start freelance writing on the side. Think about this and shift your attitude about your current employment. Be thankful your income is paying your bills and allowing you to begin a career you truly love. Mash the monkey once and for all; free yourself from the ties that bind.

Get the monkey off your back and become the ‘Top Banana’ in freelance writing!


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