Get Unstuck and Transform Your Book into a Reality Part I

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Last week, I listened to a webinar from Elizabeth Marshall, Host and Founder of¬†AuthorTeleseminars and co-Author of The Contrarian Effect and Janet Goldstein about “uncovering the tipping points that will transform your message (and book) into a movement.” This webinar was worth tuning into. They provided listeners with useful information that can help turn your book into a reality. This is Part I of finding out how to “get unstuck and transform your book into a reality.” Part II will be posted next week.

Tipping and strategy points for authors

1. Isolation factor. You begin with the concept, big idea, or theme for your book but it may not be clear. Your book becomes brittle because you’re holding on tightly to your idea and target audience. You suffocate your idea or message without realizing it. When you work in isolation, you become rigid as does your book. It won’t be current. You won’t have a platform or audience. Before you know it, fear consumes you. You fear someone will steal your idea and develop your book first. You fear you’ll lose your project. You fear not knowing where you belong. Isolation becomes like a desert where you wander and wander until you drop!

Strategy: Don’t work in isolation! Open up and don’t be afraid to share your concept or message with others. Surround yourself with people you can trust; who have your best interests at heart.

2. “You dependent” idea. This means every time you consult, speak, or teach a class or workshop, you need a book or the next book. You need a book for the back of the room. You develop a strong tribe online through social media, but it’s like “talking to the choir.” Everyone laughs at your jokes because they believe they need to laugh to keep you happy; you’re the boss. Everywhere you go, everyone loves what you’re saying. However, if you’re not there, your message may not connect with the audience. There’s jargon such as “walk the talk.” You can’t enlarge your circles because you haven’t tested “the waters” and don’t know if you’re stuck. It becomes too complicated or confusing.

Strategy: Test out markets! Does your work stand by itself? You want to hear how other people talk about your work. Don’t be afraid of constructive feedback.

3. Relationships: Waiting to get picked. You need clarity around the contribution you’re meant to make. It is human desire and natural tendency to wait to get picked. This is a major stalling point for an author, even if you have a publisher or literary agent. Most people don’t think of themselves as ‘joiners.’ Some people drop out of joining for various reasons, i.e., age, tenure, etc. They don’t believe they have to join groups anymore.

Strategy: Pro actively form connections with established organizations and groups to spread your message. Contribute to the greater conversation that’s going on in the world. Find similarities with others and look for opportunities to contribute. Stop waiting for your audience to come to you. Reconnect with people; it will do you and your work good.

4. Need based connecting/networking. This is where you go from the idea of writing and finishing your book to publishing. You need or want endorsements. You want publishers to give you the “green light” for your book. You want to promote your book with strategic partners, strategic partners, bloggers, groups, associations, organizations, etc. This process has its own neediness and fears that invades your brain and takes over the real you! You need people to help and support you, but you lose the focus on the relationship. You don’t build rapport before you seek a request; you ask too early in the process before you allow the door to open.

Strategy: Focus on building relationships. Ask, “How may I help you? What can I do for you? What area do you need help in?” Align with the right groups, associations, organizations, etc. because that’s when the magic happens. People will pull you along and move you forward. Other authors, speakers, coaches, etc. want fresh voices to add to their business. You can be that fresh voice.

Stay tuned or Part II of “Get Stuck and Transform Your Book into a Reality.” Until then, have a great weekend!


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