7 Writing Exercises and Prompts to Cure Writer’s Block

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So, you think you have writer’s block? This can be cured by doing one or all of the writing exercises and prompts below. One of my favorite writing exercises is the Creative Copy Challenge. It’s a great way to ‘test’ out a story to see if it could become a #1 Best Selling novel or a best selling short story. FYI: The feedback I received from other writers is fantastic. It’s inspired me to write a book for short stories for YA and adults. If you’re getting bored with your writing, it may be time for a break and writing exercises and prompts.

Writing Exercises and Prompts to Shakeup Your Writing

  • Creative Copy Challenge. This is one of my favorites! Take the 10 works and write up a ‘quick’ short story. Who knows, it could lead to a #1 Best Selling novel.
  • Do it over! Choose a time in your life that you’d like to do over and write a ‘new’ story about it.
  • A message in a bottle. A message in a bottle just washed up to your doorstep. What does the note say?
  • The tree. Describe a tree in your front or backyard.
  • Creative Writing Prompts. Here’s a website that provides ‘picture writing prompts’ which can be a lot of fun.
  • Finish this sentence. “I’m looking forward to summer because…”
  • What is “over the rainbow?” This beloved and famous song from The Wizard of Oz makes a great writing prompt. We know what Dorothy found over the rainbow, what will you find?


What are some of your favorite writing exercises and prompts? Share.

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