Web and Phone Apps for Authors and Freelance Writers

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You can get apps for your iPhone, iPad, laptop, notebook, and just about any electronic gadget these days. What are the best apps for freelance writers? You’ve come to the right place (no pun intended) to find out what they are. Some apps are free while others cost $.99 or more. However, before you wrinkle your nose at paying for an app, it could be worth it if it can increase your freelance writing business and or improve your writing and vocabulary.

Web Apps for Authors and Freelance Writers

1. Slim Timer. Create tasks, track your time, create and run reports, and make sure clients pay you.

2. Tellico. Track your writing research with this app.

3. FreshBooks. Create and send invoices, organize your time, and get paid for your writing.

4. Plaxo. Keep your contacts up-to-date and your communication devices in sync.

5. SimplyBill. Try out the 30-day ‘free’ trail to see if this invoicing management system is for you and your freelance writing business.

6. Side Job Track. Perhaps freelance writing is a ‘side’ business for you. There’s a web app for that!

7. Google Calendar. You probably know about this, but I thought I’d list it anyway.

8. Evernote. How would you like to remember everything? Save your ideas and access them anywhere, anytime.

9. Toodledo. What a fun app name! If you’re forgetful, this app will help you remember your ‘to do’ list.

10. ClientScribe. Track your clients, contacts, notes, and emails with this handy web app.

11. VisualEinstein. “An easy yet powerful and sophisticated visual manager of information and ideas for a research project, investigation, college term paper, journal article, book, screenplay, or essay. Vizual Einstein’s intuitive search and hyperlink capabilities allow you to quickly store, classify, cross-reference, retrieve and collate information.”

12. NetVibes. Don’t log onto your accounts one at a time, do it all at once with this handy web app.

13. Mindomo. Organize your thoughts and ideas, collaborate, and share your mind maps.

14. Bubble.us. Free mind mapping software allows you to express your thoughts and share them with others. Feedback guaranteed!

15. Wisemapping. Plot out your stories in a more organized manner.

16. Drill Down. Manage the pieces of your projects and estimate how long each will take.

17. Wridea. Create and organize your ideas to expand upon them. Discuss them now or reference them later.

18. Creative Aerobics. You work out your body, now it’s time to work out your mind! You’ll gain a deeper understanding about media and culture. Develop stronger communication techniques and marketing ideas to reach your audience.

19. yWriter. A free app that breaks your novel into chapters and scenes. It tracks your work so you don’t have to.

20. HTML Book Maker 1.0. The place for authors and freelance writers without HTML experience — your guide for creating and sharing your eBook.

Phone Apps for Freelance Writers

1. Jott. You may not carry pen and paper (or forget your recorder) with you which is why it’s important to have a phone app that allows you to speak your ideas that can be emailed later.

2. My Writing Nook. Free web app; app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android, costs $1.99. Write and edit your documents anywhere with internet connection.

3. NumberKey. Cool iPhone app that turns your iPhone into a keypad for your laptop or notebook. The cost is $1.99.

4. Copy Paste It. This app is for Android. “Copy text from ANY screen to your clipboard.” You can paste text into ANY text box.

5. Grammar Guide. Here’s another Android app. This one offers a ‘quick’ reference guide to keep your grammar in check.

There are more phone and web apps available for authors and freelance writers, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. And, this post would probably be over 1,200 words! More apps are added every day or updated. It’s important to have the latest versions; otherwise you could miss out on cool features. Come back for more information on phone and web apps for all of your writing needs. Stay tuned!


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