Freelance Writers Watch Out for Publication Predators

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Recently, a photographer contacted me on behalf of a designer she worked with. This designer paid for an article to run in a lifestyle magazine I wrote for. The photographer found a comment I left on a blog post that was about the magazine not paying freelance writers. Lo and behold, they’re up to their old tricks again. The designer is having difficulty getting ‘hard copies’ of the magazine and can’t get a hold of the publisher of the magazine. Unfortunately, this is a costly lesson (I know) to learn. Freelance artists and writers, it’s imperative to check out publications before you agree to write for them. Your time and words are valuable. Don’t waste them on unsavory and unethical publications!

The good news is freelance writers can investigate a publication by visiting the websites listed below. It’s important to listen to your ‘gut instinct’ and not give into the temptation of giving people the benefit of the doubt. If you have a strong intuitive feeling that something isn’t right, listen to that inner voice because it’s will save you every time.

Freelance writers investigate publications before writing for them

1. Preditors and Editors. This is an excellent resource for writers. They provide information on publications in addition to links to other websites that shed light on whether or not a publication is ethical or legit.

2. Writers Weekly Whispers and Warnings. There are some ‘big’ named publications listed on this website. I was truly surprised by some of the listings.

3. AbsoluteWrite. A forum that provides “bewares, recommendations and background checks” about literary agents, publications, and other useful information.

4. Copyscape. Have your blog posts and articles been lifted and published on other websites? Conduct a search and find out for yourself.

5. Writer’s Net. The forum is a great place for writers to meet and share information. However, check out “Writer’s Net Home Page” for a listing of topics that could be of interest to you.

Freelance writers; please don’t accept freelance writing assignments because you want a byline in a magazine or newspaper. Make sure the publisher runs an ethical business. Remember, word-of-mouth is still the most viable means of advertising and public relations. If a publication has burned freelance writers, you better believe a writer wrote a blog post or article about it and posted on Preditors and Editors and other websites. Do you homework because it will save you heartache and time in the long run.


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