5 Reasons to Co-Author a Book

Like me, my sister has many writing ideas. However, she’s a bit shy about writing and is unsure about the entire book writing process. She has a great idea for a parenting book and since I own DEOR Consulting, a parent and teen life coaching, consulting, and educating company, I mentioned to her that we […]

Freelance Writers Know This before You Write a Review

Stop! Don’t write a review until you read this blog post. I received a scathing email from someone regarding the review I wrote about WhiteSmoke (I wasn’t paid by WhiteSmoke to write the review). Of course, my review is based on my experience with the product. I can’t stress that enough. In fact, let me […]

The Origins of Common Sense

As a writer, I’m fascinated by the origins of words. I have a fondness for Latin and other languages and would like to learn how to speak many languages. This will come in handy if I’m a contestant on The Amazing Race! I’m intrigued by the word common sense and decided to research it. Where […]

Stop Being a Perfect Writer!

My mom’s reading Betrayal by Fern Michaels, one of her favorite authors. She was entertained and surprised to find errors throughout the book. How can a book by a well known author be published with errors? Isn’t an editor supposed to catch and correct errors? It makes me wonder why writers put extreme amounts of […]

Powerful Adjectives to Interject into Freelance Writing

Sometimes freelance writers get stuck using the same old adjectives like good, great, azure, and many others. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘ho-hum’ adjectives and spice up your freelance writing with powerful adjectives. These words will breathe life into your writing — your words will leap off of the page or website! When in […]