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Stop! Don’t write a review until you read this blog post. I received a scathing email from someone regarding the review I wrote about WhiteSmoke (I wasn’t paid by WhiteSmoke to write the review). Of course, my review is based on my experience with the product. I can’t stress that enough. In fact, let me repeat it. Reviews are based on your experience. I’m not you and you are not me. We have different levels of expertise and experiences. We’ll interpret information differently from one another. That’s how it goes. A review is a mere guideline to help you make a decision about a product or service. It’s up to you to listen to your ‘gut instinct’ aka intuition when it comes to purchasing products and services.

How to handle emails from readers

I immediately contacted WhiteSmoke and chatted with Monica. I explained to her that I received an email from a not-so-happy WhiteSmoke user. Monica told me that WhiteSmoke has over 8 million users around the world, and they’re not a scam. The program is “the most advanced software on the market and the only one using artificial intelligence, in order to give you the most accurate corrections.” She provided me with contact information which I passed along. I also passed along the contact information of a business manager at Whitesmoke. I went above and beyond for this person. The ball’s out of my court and as far as I’m concerned, the case is closed for me.

FYI: I downloaded WhiteSmoke successfully and uninstalled it successfully; I always do this to make sure software uninstalls. When you download software you must read and select the type of installation you want. I chose the ‘standard’ installation and ‘unchecked’ the boxes that would have installed toolbars on my computer.

Let’s face it, reviews are written from an individual’s experience. Obviously, my experience with WhiteSmoke is totally different from other users. Of course, there are other factors to consider such as technical expertise. I love technology and take advantage of every opportunity I can get to learn more about it. For example, I want to learn web design. Do I feel it’s over my head? Yes, I do. But I keep chipping away at it because I want to learn it. I may end up hiring a web designer to ‘tweak’ my website but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop learning about web design.

I’m a traveler and travel writer. One of my favorite destinations is the UK. If I write a review about London, England and include places to stay, points of interests, and pubs to visit, it’s up to you to have a good time. It’s not my fault if you have a horrible time. I don’t who you traveled with, what airline you used, and what frame of mind you were in when you traveled to England. The point I’m making (again) is reviews are based on personal experiences.

FYI: You may want to include contact information in your review. Readers can contact customer service representatives, authors, etc. directly.

Tips for writing a review

1. State if you were or were not paid to write the review (in the beginning or end).
2. Provide readers with contact information in case they experience problems with the product or service.
3. Make it perfectly clear the review is based on your experience. If you read other reviews or interviewed customers or executives, you can incorporate the interviews within your review. The bottom line is the review is based on your experience.
4. Don’t take anything personally. If you receive not-so-emails, read them, respond, and move on.

Before you write a review about a book, product, or service be prepared to receive not-so-nice emails from people. The internet has opened up the channels of communication like never before. People may blast you in an email or write inaccurate things about you in a blog post. Ask any celebrity and they’ll give you an earful about bloggers and how they can be hurtful. My philosophy is “Peace and God Bless!” If you don’t agree with me that’s all right. If you didn’t have the same experience as I did, I’m sorry. I wish I could take my magic wand, wave it in the air, and give everyone the same experience. Then again, that would be boring and writers wouldn’t have anything exciting to write about! Also, it would be a missed opportunity on how to handle criticism from readers. Remember, not everyone will like or agree with you.

Good luck!



If you have a complaint about WhiteSmoke, please contact the company.

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