Powerful Adjectives to Interject into Freelance Writing

untitled is also an adjective

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Sometimes freelance writers get stuck using the same old adjectives like good, great, azure, and many others. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘ho-hum’ adjectives and spice up your freelance writing with powerful adjectives. These words will breathe life into your writing — your words will leap off of the page or website!

When in doubt, use a thesaurus to find other adjectives to use and replace words in your writing. Read and re-read your writing to make sure it flows. You don’t want to arbitrarily replace words. They must make sense to you and the reader. It’s a good idea to read your writing out loud. This way you can hear and listen to your words and make changes if necessary.

Powerful adjectives to use in freelance writing

Adorable: divine, gorgeous, handsome,

Adventurous: bold, courageous, fearless

Brainy: brilliant, bright, intellectual

Careful: cautious, precise, prudent

Different: changed, distinct, other

Easy: carefree, secure, unworried

Frail: brittle, feeble, fragile

Grumpy: bad-tempered, cross, testy

High: elevated,joyful, tall

Improved: mended, refined, reformed

Joyous: festive, jolly, jubilant

Kind: considerate, loving, thoughtful

Loud: boisterous, rambunctious, rowdy

Massive: colossal, enormous, gigantic

New: contemporary, latest, recent

Old: aged, mature, not young

Pretty: beautiful, foxy, good-looking

Quiet: reserved, soft, still

Raspy: ear-splitting, piercing, rackety

Silent: closemouthed, hushed, mum

Tall: big, statuesque, steep

Unique: individual, rare, uncommon

Vibrant: active, dynamic, vivacious

Well: able-bodied, fit, hearty

Xyloid: sylvan, wooded, wooden

Young: childlike, new, youthful

Zany: comical, goofy, wacky


What adjectives can you add to the list? Share.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, what a list you have here. Never heard of Xyloid before and Zany is a word I haven’t heard in a long time. Thanks for the list.

  2. Thank you! Finding an adjective that began with the letter “X” was a challenge, but I wasn’t leaving “X” out of the list 🙂

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