2011 Screenwriting Conferences

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If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, attending a conference is a fantastic way to meet other screenwriters and unearth valuable tips and tricks about writing a screenplay. Conferences usually have industry experts such as producers, directors, and other executives. It’s an opportunity to ‘pick the brain’ of these influential people in order for you to write the best screenplay you can write.

2011 Screenwriting Conferences

The Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe — Sponsored by Rio Grande Studios. Who doesn’t want to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico? It’s a beautiful state and a travel writer’s paradise.  The conference is from May 27 – 31 and is divided into the Screenwriting Symposium and The Hollywood Connection.

Toronto Screenwriting Conference. This one takes places from April 9 – 10. Toronto is a cosmopolitan city that offers a great nightlife. If you’re interested in travel writing, you’ll have a lot to write about.

13th Annual Nashville Screenwriters Conference. If you love country music, screenwriting, and travel writing, you’ll want to attend Nashville’s Screenwriters Conference on May 20 – 22 at the Union Station Hotel. You’ll meet Hollywood’s top producers, writers, directors, managers, and other studio executives. I can tell you from experience that Nashville is a vibrant city. Don’t leave there without visiting Music Row and The Grand Ole Opry!

American Screenwriters’ Conference with Dr.Lew Hunter. Visit beautiful California and Crocker Art Museum on April 16th. “Learn screenwriting tips from some of the best: UCLA Dean Emeritus Dr. Lew Hunter and William Morris agent Christopher Lockhart. Additional panel members TBA.”

If you’re serious about screenwriting, consider attending one of these conferences. Take advantage of panel discussions and any ‘meet and greets’ that are offered. The more connections you have the better. If you’re looking to collaborate with another screenwriter, chances are you can find the ‘right’ person to work with at one of these conferences. If you’re an aspiring screenwriter and travel writer, you’ll benefit from these conferences because they’re held in beautiful locations in the U.S. and around the world. Think of all the travel articles you could write. Good luck!


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