Best Blog Post Length: How Do You Know What It Is

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Do you know what the best blog post length is?

Many consider longer content to be better.

But how true is that?

A 3,000-word blog post may not outperform a tightly written 800 blog post.



If you or your content writer writes 3,000 words of fluff and nonsense, who’s going to read it?

No one!

It won’t matter if you’ve chosen a keyword phrase to focus on because you can’t “stuff” a post with it. Why? Because Google frowns upon keyword stuffing.

How Long Should a Blog Post be for SEO

Does SEO still matter?

You bet it does!

But this isn’t 2008. It’s 2017.

For years to come, SEO will continue to evolve.


Because more and more people get their information by searching their mobile devices. This means that keywords will be on the longer side.

For example, someone looking for an elder law attorney may search for “what is the estate planning process.”

Whew! That’s a mouth full.

A potential client is not only searching for an attorney but wants and needs to know about creating an estate.

The length of your blog post content may range from 800-2,000 words.

First, consider your audience.

Will they read a longer post?

Second, consider the topic.

For example, estate planning. It’s not a fluffy topic. It’s involved and requires a good amount of research and thought.

While you want to consider SEO, you want to ensure you’re providing readers with the best information.

The best rule to follow is to write for readers first, and then for SEO because search engines and web crawlers won’t be buying your services and products.

The Best Blog Post Length for Your Business May Not Be What You Thought it Was

Throughout my career as a content writer, I’ve asked clients, “What’s your word count?”

Sometimes I receive an answer, and sometimes I don’t. If I don’t receive an answer, I usually state that blog content writing should be 500 or more words.

But I’m beginning to question the validity of that.

What matters is the content.

Is it well thought out?

Does it solve a problem?

Will it connect with your audience?

The ideal blog post length for 2017 will vary from business to business.

If you’re an accountant, your blog posts may be longer than 800 words because of the technical nature of the business. But you must have the right focus.

If you’re a travel agent, a 500-word blog post that incorporates photos from your FAM trip may be the right formula for you.

Please keep in mind that no two posts are alike.

And if you want someone to help you determine the best blog post length for your business, contact me and we can chat about your content marketing needs.


  1. Informative article for every blogger! The best length of an blog posts generally depends on the subject of the blog! Length of blog post may be vary it is not fixed for all the blog posts.

  2. Thanks for sharing,

    Blogger and seo expert know the value of the content on your blog..
    if you will keep the lengthy content on your blog post, then there are possibility to get the good rank in google… First check your competitor content and then start to write for your blog..

  3. Thanks for nice post…
    I am blogger and always post the lengthy article on my blog as it can rank easily in google… I think first you should analysis your competitor then should decide the length of content for blog post..

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