Freelance Writers Stop Finding Disappointing Clients

I come from a military family. My father loved the military, specifically the U.S. Army, and served four years. He instilled in me many values which include honesty, trust, and loyalty. In addition to stressing honesty, trust, and loyalty, my mom and dad taught my sister and me the importance of keeping your word and […]

Can’t Find the Right Words: Hire a Eulogy Writer

“We are gathered here today to say goodbye to awkward eulogies. The next time you have to deliver one at a funeral, be it for a family member, friend, or V.I.P, you won’t stumble and stammer if you hire a eulogy writer.” The last time I wrote a eulogy it was for my dad’s funeral […]

Freelancers Don’t Begin a Project Without Confirmation

I get the feeling that some freelance artists, graphic designers, and illustrators can use some guidance and direction with running a business. I was looking for an illustrator for my client and put an advertisement on Craigslist; I asked illustrators to send me samples. I selected the illustrators and sent them to my client because […]

Freelance Artists Know How to Communicate

One of my pet peeves is improper communication. Solo professionals such as freelance artists, designers, and writers (ironic), don’t know how to communicate. Here’s an example: I was looking for an illustrator for my client and a man left me a voicemail saying that I emailed him. Emailed him about what? He didn’t say why […]