What Types of Clients do You Attract? Part II

This is Part II of the blog What Type of Clients do You Attract? If you’re not attracting the right clients to you, take a look at your personal beliefs around your freelance writing. What is your personal philosophy around attracting clients? What types of clients do you expect to attract? Knowing the answer to […]

What Types of Clients do You Attract? Part I

This is Part I of a blog that will examine the types of clients you may be attracting to you. Do you attract clients that pay on time or don’t pay at all? Do you attract clients who don’t communicate well with you? Are you attracting clients who balk at your rates? If you’re not […]

Why You Need to Hire a Ghostwriter?

Hiring a ghostwriter can save you time and money. Perhaps you don’t enjoy writing or don’t have the research skills necessary for your book idea. Maybe you’d rather have someone else write the book so you can concentrate on your website and marketing endeavors for the book. Whatever the reason is hire a ghostwriter today […]

Communication is the Key to Growing a Business

When you speak, do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Nine times out of ten, most people talk in circles. It’s like listening to a politician answer a question about the state budget! Communication is the key in any business, especially freelance writing. If you don’t know how to communicate with […]

Freelance Writers Ask for a W-9

Freelance writers will do well if they think outside of the box. Did you know that you could become a W-9 employee? The next time you receive a call from a company inquiring if you’d like to work full-time for them, ask if you could be listed as a W-9 employee. They may find this […]