What Does Not Paying Freelance Writers Say about You?

Freelance writing is a business. Freelance writers are professionals that provide a service which is writing. They’re no different from other business professionals you hire to provide a service for you and your company. If you don’t pay them, they could post something on the internet on sites such as Predators and Editors. That wouldn’t be positive for your image and it could be a public relations nightmare!

What does not paying a freelance writer say about you? It could say that you don’t have integrity or morals. It could say that you don’t respect others. It could also say that you aren’t a trustworthy person. Is this the image you have of yourself? Is this what you want to portray to your clients? Think about this before you forgo paying your freelance writer. Remember, it’s a small world and people know people.

Not paying a freelance writer puts them in a bind. What if they have children? How will they be able to pay their rent or mortgage if you stiff them? Do you want to be responsible for your freelance writer losing their home? What about taking food out of their children’s stomach? You could contribute to these situations. How would you like it if this happened to your family? Remember, what goes around comes around. You could suffer great loss in your business because of the karma you put out into the universe.

If you can’t pay your freelance writer, be honest about it. Pay them what you can. Next time make sure you’ll be able to afford hiring a freelance writer. If this isn’t possible, contact colleges and universities and hire an intern. College kids would be thrilled to get the experience.

You may want to suggest a barter exchange of services. If you have a direct mail business, offer your freelance writer a half or full page ad in exchange for copywriting. It’s a win-win situation. You’ll receive free copy and they’ll receive advertising. When your income increases then you can pay your freelance writer or leave the arrangement as is if it’s working well for both of you.

The bottom line is to pay your freelance writer. Not paying them isn’t the right approach if you’re short on funds. Pick up the phone or send an email to explain your situation. Work something out instead of not paying your invoices and ignoring calls and emails from your freelance writer. Your conscience will thank you and your karmic energy will be clean!


Have you ever “stiffed” your freelance writer? Why? Share your thoughts.