Increase Sales and Web Traffic with Target=”_Blank”

I have a pet peeve about blogs/websites — sometimes the HTML code target=”_blank” which opens a link in another web browser is not used. If you’re not utilizing this code, you could be sabotaging your website and business. Implementing the code is easy and will help readers and potential clients remember your website! More importantly, it won’t deter them from your website.

I can’t tell you how many websites and blogs I visit that are not using the HTML target=”_blank” code in articles, blogs, and web copy. The point of the code is to make sure people stay on your website and not be taken away from it when they click on a link. If you don’t use the code, readers will have to press the ‘back button’ or worse be forced to remember the name of your website when it’s their first time looking at your website. You could lose valuable web traffic.

Benefits of target=”_blank”

  • Links open in a new web browser guaranteeing visitors stay on your website.
  • Visitors to your blog/website won’t have to press the Back button to get back to your website after they click on a link.
  • You won’t annoy or frustrate people by making them press the Back the button.
  • You’ll increase web traffic because visitors to your website will stay on your website. This will help them to remember the name of it.

Make your blog/website easy for people. They’re on your website for a reason — they want good, solid information that will provide them with links where they can find other good, solid information. And, they’re interested in the products and services you have to offer. If you don’t keep them on your website, they’ll go to another website and you will lose a sale!

Remember that most people are multi-taskers and usually do more than one task at a time. If they have multiple browsers open, they could accidentally click off of your website instead of the link they opened. And, it’s possible they won’t remember your website if they didn’t write it down or bookmark it. Closing out of your website could cost you money and web traffic!

There’s nothing worse than finding a blog or website you like only to be taken away from it. The next time you write a blog post or article or add links, make sure to use the code target=”_blank” which opens a link up in a new web browser. Visitors to your website will appreciate it!


What’s stopping you from learning HTML coding? Share your thoughts.