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Best Blog Post Length: How Do You Know What It Is

Do you know what the best blog post length is? Many consider longer content to be better. But how true is that? A 3,000-word blog post may not outperform a tightly written 800 blog post. Why? Because CONTENT MATTERS! If you or your content writer writes 3,000 words of fluff and nonsense, who’s going to […]

Benny the Tuxedo Cat-Savvy-Writer

2 Things a Needy Cat Teaches You About Great Content

Meet Benny, the tuxedo cat. I adopted him via PetSmart Charities through from Mixed Up Mutts and Too. He’s not your typical (rescue) cat. Benny actually likes water and tries to drink from the kitchen and bathroom faucets whenever he hears them. He also tries to stick his paw underneath the running water, so he can splash […]

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Business Networking Events: Are You Listening?

Business networking events. We attend them or have attended them at one point or another in our careers. But do you or did you ever get anything out professional networking events? If you’re like most business owners and entrepreneurs, you’re looking to gain new clients and customers and business. You weren’t focused on the person you’re speaking […]