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Who Else Wants to Write for Big Sites Like Forbes?

Do you dream of guest blogging for big websites? If so, you need to see this: How to Get Writing Gigs at Big Sites and Magazines It’s a four part case study. Totally free content filled with examples, procedures, everything. And here’s the neat part: It shows you how to get INVITED to write for […]

Characteristics of an entrepreneur-idea-plan-action

Why Entrepreneurs May Not Succeed in a 9 to 5 Job

Ah yes, entrepreneurs. They’re the catalysts of business, especially in times of economic strife, such as the Great Depression in the U.S. It’s said that during that time more small businesses were started than ever. After all, taking a leap of faith is one of the many entrepreneur characteristics that’s needed if you want to […]

Who Else Wants to Work Only 10 Minutes a Day?

  In full disclosure, this blog post includes an affiliate link (I’ll earn a commission if you buy) at the bottom to Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday. Yes, you can work 10 minutes a day! If you don’t know who Ben Settle is, he’s the guy behind the Email Players newsletter. It costs $97 per month […]