New Blog Series: The Bottom Line with Rebecca

I’m starting a ‘new blog series’ called The Bottom Line with Rebecca. I’m a ‘big picture’ person who doesn’t like to get caught up in the details. Not that details aren’t important but if you spend a lot time on them, you could get lost. I like when people get to the point, make it, […]

Freelancers Don’t Begin a Project Without Confirmation

I get the feeling that some freelance artists, graphic designers, and illustrators can use some guidance and direction with running a business. I was looking for an illustrator for my client and put an advertisement on Craigslist; I asked illustrators to send me samples. I selected the illustrators and sent them to my client because […]

Freelancers Know How to Market Themselves

Recently, I was looking for an illustrator for my client. I was taken aback by how many illustrators didn’t have a website, not even a Facebook page. A website is an effective way to promote you and your work. You can use WordPress,, Blogger, and other sites. You could always create a Facebook page […]

Freelance Artists Know How to Communicate

One of my pet peeves is improper communication. Solo professionals such as freelance artists, designers, and writers (ironic), don’t know how to communicate. Here’s an example: I was looking for an illustrator for my client and a man left me a voicemail saying that I emailed him. Emailed him about what? He didn’t say why […]