Freelancers Don’t Begin a Project Without Confirmation

I get the feeling that some freelance artists, graphic designers, and illustrators can use some guidance and direction with running a business. I was looking for an illustrator for my client and put an advertisement on Craigslist; I asked illustrators to send me samples. I selected the illustrators and sent them to my client because it was their decision. I let the illustrators know this but one illustrator thought he had the job and was about to begin the project. I hurriedly sent him an email reiterating that my client not I had the final say. Remember don’t begin a project without confirmation!

If you begin a project without confirmation, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Clients want to evaluate their options before selecting the right person for the job. Give them a chance to make an informed decision before you begin a project that you may not have.

There are plenty of places online where you can find freelance opportunities. Here are a few of those places:

Freelance Writing Gigs

These are just a few listings that can be found online. When you apply for an opportunity, make sure it’s a legitimate one. Check out companies by conducting an online search to see if there’s any unsettling news about them. Unfortunately, there are many online scams and people fall into the trap of applying for them. You can avoid this by taking a few minutes by doing an online investigation. If everything looks legit, apply for opportunities. Freelancers don’t begin a project without receiving confirmation. Good luck!


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