Freelancers Know How to Market Themselves

Recently, I was looking for an illustrator for my client. I was taken aback by how many illustrators didn’t have a website, not even a Facebook page. A website is an effective way to promote you and your work. You can use WordPress,, Blogger, and other sites. You could always create a Facebook page and use that as a tool because you can upload photos of your work. Not knowing how to market yourself could cost you clients and money in the long run.

Most people don’t like sales and marketing but it’s apart of business whether you’re a Fortune 1000 company or a solo professional. Sales and marketing can be a lot of fun if you shift your perception of it. Think about all of the connections you can make both from a personal and professional viewpoint. You may not be a fit for every business but it helps to have connections who may know people who need your services. Expand your horizons and think about who knows who!

Tips to marketing your freelance business

  • Create a website and blog.
  • Create a business card.
  • Attend networking events and meetings.
  • Have confidence in your talents.
  • Create an eBook or newsletter.
  • Write articles and submit them to EZine Articles.

If people are interested in your services, they’ll want to see samples of your work. It’s easier to give them a link to your portfolio versus sending them individual pictures. Of course, some clients may want to have samples emailed to them but most people (me) prefer to click on a link!

Freelancers must know how to market themselves. No matter if you’re an artist, graphic designer, or writer, you’ll need to market you and your work. Be confident in your talents and add value to people and organizations. Put your best foot forward and expect the best in your life and you’ll get it. Good luck!


What’s holding your back from marketing yourself? Share.