Freelance Writers Watch Out for Publication Predators

Recently, a photographer contacted me on behalf of a designer she worked with. This designer paid for an article to run in a lifestyle magazine I wrote for. The photographer found a comment I left on a blog post that was about the magazine not paying freelance writers. Lo and behold, they’re up to their […]

Freelance Writers Find Paying Markets Here

Most freelance writers want to write for magazines or newspapers? The key is to find paying markets — emphasis on paying. Writers must be discerning when it comes to agreeing to write for publications. If the editor or publisher ‘hems and haws’ about paying you and avoids discussing the contract, run as fast as you […]

Words Spelled Backwards to Form Other Words

Lewis Carroll is known for creating “Semiordnilap” (the reverse of “Palindrome“). Words spelled backwards to form other words are known as heteropalindromes, semordnilaps, semi-palindromes, half-palindromes, reversgrams, mynoretehs, reversible anagrams, word reversals, or anadromes. Whatever name you give them, it is fun to see how many you can list! Freelance writers, it is great fun to […]

Powerful Adjectives to Interject into Freelance Writing

Sometimes freelance writers get stuck using the same old adjectives like good, great, azure, and many others. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘ho-hum’ adjectives and spice up your freelance writing with powerful adjectives. These words will breathe life into your writing — your words will leap off of the page or website! When in […]

Freelance Writers Follow These Tips When Blogging for Businesses

Most freelance writers offer blog copy writing services because more and more businesses are creating blogs to attract potential customers. Let’s face it — the internet is saturated with blogs. You want to stand out among the crowd and attract visitors who’ll turn into customers. Make sure the blog is engaging while providing solid information […]