Freelance Writers Follow These Tips When Blogging for Businesses

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Most freelance writers offer blog copy writing services because more and more businesses are creating blogs to attract potential customers. Let’s face it — the internet is saturated with blogs. You want to stand out among the crowd and attract visitors who’ll turn into customers. Make sure the blog is engaging while providing solid information that is actually helpful. There’s nothing worse than finding a blog that doesn’t add value. Remember, time is valuable and people value time.

Freelance writers keep blog posts between 300-700 words. Explain to business owners why it’s important to keep blog posts short and to the point. Sometimes a longer post will be necessary but most of the time it’s not. Also, make sure links open in a NEW WINDOW; otherwise you could lose readers and potential customers. Most people don’t like to click the ‘Back’ button because it’s something they have to do; they have enough to do in life. Help them out and have links open in new windows!

Tips for Blogging for Businesses

Say something old in a new way.
Say something new in and old way.
Select the right time to post your blog.
Share your post on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites.
Select the right keywords and phrases.
Be patient and persevere because it could take years for a blog to gain momentum.
Know your target audience.
Know what your niche is.
Allow your personality shine through.
What is the call to action?
Market to people but don’t let them know it.

Freelance writers, if you use these blogging tips for businesses, you can help your clients increase web traffic and profits. Another tip is to use ‘pop up’ boxes on blogs and websites. For example, if clients are giving away eBooks, suggest they use a ‘pop up’ box to capture email addresses. Follow these tips and blogging for businesses will be easy.


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