Add These 5 Services to Your Freelance Writing Business


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Lately, I’ve been receiving requests from business owners to review and provide feedback on their websites. Savvy-Writer will be receiving a makeover. I have a graphic design background and an eye for design which is why I want to learn web design. I love WordPress but am not a fan of the ‘free’ web templates available for it. Sometimes I wonder why web designers choose the color schemes they do. Why do they use graphics that take up half of the home page? If you enjoy designing, consulting, or teaching, you could add these services to your freelance writing business. You may think, “I don’t have the time to do this additional work.” You could always outsource it!

It’s good to have multiple streams of income. If you love computers and understand how to install software, you could offer this as a side to your freelance writing. If this doesn’t appeal to you, create a new business. For example, some baby boomers and senior citizens may not be computer literate. You could create a side business by offering services such as installation of software, teaching computer classes to boomers and seniors, or writing an eBook especially for them. Use your skills to help others and earn additional income at the same time.

Add These 5 Services to Your Freelance Writing Business

Graphic Design. I’m very grateful I have a graphic design certification because it allows me to create my own graphics and ‘tweak’ web designs. I still have a lot to learn and plan to further my graphic design education. If you have an interest in graphic design, check your local adult education centers to see if they offer a certification program. The alternative is to take classes at the local community college or enroll in a B.A. program.

Web Design. If you’re like me, you like to adjust your website. Not only will web design serve you, it will serve your clients. You can offer consultations on how they can improve their websites or you can totally redesign their websites.

Social Media Consultant. Most business owners still don’t understand social media or why they would need to use it. You could add ‘social media consultant’ to your freelance writing business and help owners take advantage the free social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and others.

Computer Consultant. Are you secretly a techie? You know who you are! You love to install software and figure out how to ‘debug’ programs. If you add computer consultant to your freelance writing business services, you could triple your income. Business owners don’t want to deal with installing new programs or figuring out how they work. You could install new software and make recommendations for upgrades. If you have a computer programming background, perhaps you could write them a program that works for them. It’s something to consider.

Teacher. How are your communication skills? Are you able to articulate information in an easy, understandable way? If you answered “Yes,” consider teaching classes and workshops. Obviously you can teach others how to become freelance writers, but how about teaching them how to use social media? How about teaching them how to write query letters? What teaching them how to market their services? You’d be surprised how many people want to become writers but are either afraid or don’t know how to get started. You can help them realize their dreams. Go for it!


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