Three Easy Ways to Gain and Lose Likes on Facebook


Do you remember when you started your company’s Facebook page?

You probably jumped up and down as family and friends liked and shared your company’s page. When your clients or customers started liking your Facebook page, you probably jumped up and down as the number of likes your page received increased by the hour.

But then something happened. After a while, the excitement died down. Before you knew it, your Facebook page was silent. You probably even wondered what happened.

For starters, Facebook is a social media site. But you knew that, right?

It’s up to you, the business owner or social media manager, to be social on your company’s Facebook page.

If you want to gain more likes and reach more people on Facebook, you MUST BE SOCIAL.

Growing your Facebook page doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Listed below are three easy ways to gain likes on your Facebook page. Follow these steps and your Facebook page will have more likes than you thought possible.

Three Easy Ways to Gain Likes on Facebook 

Three ways to get likes on Facebook

Post real posts from you.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not.

You can no longer use the excuse, “I don’t have time to engage with people on Facebook. I have too much to do.” Get over it and engage with your company’s audience.

Post a question, survey, or poll.

Ask clients and customers for feedback on your product and or service.

Drop your guard and become more transparent. Let your clients and customers see the real YOU.

People can smell a ‘fake’ a mile away. Just get over it and be the REAL YOU on your Facebook page.

Tip: If your company doesn’t have a social media coordinator or manager, hire one that fits in with your company’s culture today. Don’t worry; this decision will pay off in the long run. Why? Because your company’s social media person can respond quickly to comments and questions. Clients and customers will know your company as being dependable and trustworthy.

Hold a contest and let clients and customers choose your new logo.

People love to enter contests.

If you’re considering redesigning your logo, hold a contest and allow your clients and or customers choose your logo. After all, your logo should appeal to clients and customers.

FYI: Are you a control freak? Allowing your customers and clients to select your new logo may be tough for you. It’s a good business exercise that will help you to move out of your comfort zone.

Narrow your logo down to the TOP three designs, and let your clients and customers select your new logo.

Clean up your grammar and punctuation.

It’s a myth that you don’t have to use proper grammar and punctuation on Facebook and other social media sites. Writing clear and concise posts are a must if you want to be taken seriously.

Three Ways to Lose Likes on Facebook

Three easy ways to lose likes on Facebook

Believing the myth that your Facebook page is a place where your clients and customers can hang out and engage with one another.

Your clients and customers want to interact with YOU.

They want to hear from YOU.

You are, after all, the business owner or social media manager in charge of your company’s Facebook page, right?

It’s up to you to get the conversation going.

It’s up to you to make sure your clients and customers have a good time. This doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t interact with one another, but they want to hear from you too.

Ignoring clients and customers when they post on your page.

Don’t reply to your clients and customers, and they’ll unlike your Facebook page.

Why should they hang out on your page when they can hang out on your competitor’s page? If your competitor spends time conversing and engaging with customers, you leave your customers no choice but to like their page and leave yours.

Don’t ignore your customers! Respond in a timely manner to build trust and a lasting business relationship.

Not taking advantage of Facebook ads.

It takes a savvy writer to create a winning Facebook ad, one that receives clicks, one that turns leads into clients/customers.

Do an A/B split test on your ads to see which one works for your company.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. You can start small with $25.00 or $50.00 or whatever you budget is.

Go and Make Your Facebook Page Popular

How to get more likes on Facebook

Here’s one more tip you can use right away. You’ll expand your reach and capture more likes with this one step:

Create a cover page that stands out to boost likes on your company’s Facebook page.

Go look at your Facebook cover page now.

Make sure your page does not have more than 20% text.

Revise your cover page and make it stand out on Facebook.

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