What You Need to Know before You Agree to a Book Collaboration

What you need to know about a book collaboration-Savvy-Writer

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Book collaboration.

Has your friend or business colleague approached you about writing a book together? Before you agree to the project, you may want to consider the following:

  • How well do you know your colleague?
  • How long have you’ve known your friend?
  • How will you divide the work?
  • Will you hire a ghostwriter? If yes, how will you split the contract fees?
  • How many times will you meet to discuss your book project?
  • How many times will you meet with your ghostwriter, if you hire one?
  • Can you actually get along?

These are only a handful of questions you want to think about before you agree to collaborate on a book or eBook.

While you may think you’ll get along with your friend or business colleague of 10 years, think again.

Everything may start off fine and dandy, and then Bam!

You’re at each other’s throats.

And one of you may threaten to sue the other.

Or worse. You may both serve each other papers.

Is it worth it just so you can publish a book or eBook?

Probably not.


Because most topics have been written about over and over again – it was bound to happen.

However, you and your colleague may have something “fresh” to add to the conversation.

But for the sake of your sanity (and your family’s), you may want to let the book or eBook project go.

Let your colleague or friend have it.

And you can write (or a ghostwriter can) something much better!

Do You Need a Contract Even if You Want to Write a Book with a Friend?

Yes, you do!

Be aware of entering into a verbal or email agreement with your business colleague or friend. Why? Because you want to treat your book or eBook project like any other business endeavor. You’ll want to execute a contract!

If you or friend is savvy at creating contracts, agree on which of you will take on the task. Or hire an attorney to draft the contract.

If you choose to write the contract yourself, show it to an attorney; you and your colleague or friend can hire your own.

Once the contract has been scrutinized and you and your colleague or friend agree upon the terms, sign it!

Keep two copies, a digital and hard copy.

While you may think you don’t need a contract because you’re working with a friend, the truth is that you need one.

It’s a matter of CYA-ing — Covering Your Ass!

If you or your friend has a dispute, you can review the contractual terms and resolve the matter.

If not, you’ll need to get your attorney involved. Do you really want to do that? Only you can answer that question.

Book Collaboration: Get Everything in Writing

Feeling a bit uneasy about collaborating on a book with a business colleague or friend? It’s unfortunate that arguments, lawsuits, and misunderstandings happen, but they do. If you think about it, it’s kind of silly. Why? Because we’re talking about a book that may or may not be successful – there are no guarantees in life.

Before you agree to a book collaboration project, ask yourself a few questions. Here are some examples:

  • Can I really work together with another person on a book?
  • How important is the topic to me?
  • What new perspective do my colleague and I have?
  • Would I be better off writing by myself?
  • How much time will I have to invest?
  • Is it better to self-publish, or find a literary agent to help us get a book deal from a publisher?
  • How would my friend and I divide the work?
  • What about splitting the expense of writing and promoting the book?

Too many people have found themselves stressed out because of their book collaboration. If you happen to be facing an uphill battle because you’ve collaborated on a book with the wrong person, consider letting the project go.


Because your health and wellness are more important!


You may think of a better book idea, one that may lead you and your audience to major success.

You probably didn’t think about this, did you?

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