2 Things a Needy Cat Teaches You About Great Content

Benny the Tuxedo Cat Teaches You about Great Content-Savvy-Writer

Meet Benny, the tuxedo cat.

I adopted him via PetSmart Charities through from Mixed Up Mutts and Too. He’s not your typical (rescue) cat.

Benny actually likes water and tries to drink from the kitchen and bathroom faucets whenever he hears them. He also tries to stick his paw underneath the running water, so he can splash it around.

He despises wet food unlike other cats that go nuts for it.

Benny rarely eats treats whereas other cats eat them up.

He doesn’t like catnip and turns his nose up at it.

Benny likes to catch insects that make it into the house because it’s too cold outside. Flies, moths, and spiders have met their maker because of him.

He likes to be groomed and comes running when I tap his brush on the floor.

Benny isn’t independent; he craves and seeks attention.

If you try to ignore him, forget about it.

Benny doesn’t give up and will nudge and paw at you until you give in and focus on him. I usually do because there’s no point in resisting.

Like great content, he won’t go away.

The Top Two Things a Needy Cat Teaches You about Great Content

It Demands Attention

Like Benny, great content demands attention.

But what is considered great content?

It’s a blog post or article that readers voraciously read no matter the word count. Yep! People will read a piece of writing that’s 2,500 or 4,000 words, if it holds their attention.

If you have a nonprofit, a great story can be written about the community you serve.

For example, if you run an animal shelter, content about a dog or cat rescue by a citizen has the potential to reach thousands if not millions of readers.


Because people love animals, and they like to read about good news, especially when it features a person doing something extraordinary.

Don’t forget to share the story!

If you have a product, a great piece of content can focus on how your customers’ lives have been changed. Pick one or two people to feature, and then promote the heck out of it.

Like Benny, if your content demands attention, readers won’t ignore it.

It Won’t Go Away

Like Benny, great content won’t go away.

It gets shared and commented on many times on multiple social media networks. It may even show up in other people’s newsletters, with your permission.

Great content has staying power and referred to as evergreen content — it lasts forever.


Because the information is solid and can help customers and readers no matter the year – it’s tried and true words of wisdom that stand the test of time.

Like Benny, if your content won’t go away, readers will find it throughout the years. Heck! Some of them may even bookmark or save it in their Evernote.

Is Your Business’s Content the Cat’s Meow?

Who says you can’t learn anything from animals?

Benny teaches me many things, from unconditional love to why silly cat memes and videos go viral. People love these!

Even if you don’t like cats (I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), keep Benny in mind when you review your business’s content.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it great content?
  • Does it demand attention?
  • Does it stick around for a long time?

If your content isn’t the cat’s meow, you may want to find out why.

You could survey readers to find out what information they need and want.

Better yet, you could find out what they think they want and need.

You could perform A/B split tests of your content, especially headlines.

You could read your competitors’ content to see how well it does.

Once you know the “secret formula” that will take your content from good to great, your articles, blog posts, emails, social media posts, etc. will be the cat’s meow!

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