10-Minute Social Media Management Tips to Boost Your Engagement

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Are you struggling with social media management?

Let’s face it; social media can be a time sucker, if you allow it to be.

If you have a small business, you don’t need to spend hours on social media. You only need 10 minutes per day or every other day. The key is to engage with your fans and followers and post relevant content.

Below are social media management tips that can be done in 10 minutes per day.

10-Minute Social Media Management Tips that Will Boost Your Engagement

Check your social media networks weekly.

You don’t have to spend hours on each of your social networks. Check out who posted on your networks weekly and respond. Just make sure you’re authentic when you respond. And don’t give into trolls (people who like drama) who post on your social media sites just to post. You don’t have time to waste on those who aren’t authentically adding to the conversation.

Upload images and videos that get likes and shares.

If you’re unsure about what images and videos go viral, look at your competition or any image or video that goes viral. This will give you a good idea of why an image or video goes viral. Also, pay attention to your audience. What types of images and videos do they share and like? Conduct research before your start posting on your social media websites.

Regularly update your status update.

You don’t have to update your status every day. In fact, if you do, you could hurt your stats because you’re posting too much. What you should do is post attention grabbing status updates like questions, surveys and links to blog posts. These types of posts will engage your audience and make them want to interact with you.

Review your Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights can help you gain control of your Facebook page. For example, if you click on Insights and then click on Posts, see which posts do the best. Maybe images get likes and shares versus videos. Or perhaps questions that you post twice or three times a week boost engagement. You also want to pay attention to People. Who is your target audience? Is it mostly women or men? Does your Facebook Page attract both women and men? Review this insight and adjust your Facebook strategy and then watch your stats. Do they go up or down? Reviewing Insights at least once a month can increase your engagement which can lead to more leads, sales and profits.

Ask your audience what they want.

You may as well ask your audience what they want. Post a survey or poll on your social networks, write a blog post and ask for feedback or send out an email to your list and share a link to a survey. Gather as much data as possible and adjust your social media management and strategy according to what your audience wants and needs.

Stop posting irrelevant content.

Please stop posting selfies (overdone in 2013), photo bombs (overdone in 2013) and other irrelevant content. A photo bomb here and there is okay, but if you’re posting them every day or week, you could bore your audience. Also, studies have shown that being positive on social media yields higher results. While it’s okay to be controversial once in a while, you don’t want to be negative all of the time. Take time out to “Like, Share and Comment” on posts. Spread the social media love and it will come back to you.

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