7 Ways to Supercharge Your Content Marketing in the Next 5 Minutes

Plotting the Content Marketing Ensemble, supercharge your content marketing

Plotting the Content Marketing Ensemble (Photo credit: AltimeterGroup)

How would you like to supercharge your content marketing in 2014 within 5 minutes?

Sound good?

The problem that most small business owners and content marketers have is that they over think content marketing. It really doesn’t have to be a complicated process, especially if you have a plan and strategy.

For example, if you’re not posting images on Facebook or you’re posting a limited number of them, you can post more images and gain more likes, shares and comments. Just make sure you post photos that interest your audience.

Below are seven ways you can supercharge your content marketing in the next 5 minutes.

7 Ways to Supercharge Your Content Marketing in the Next 5 Minutes

1. Use more images, infographics and videos.

People love images, infographics and videos, so why not give your audience what they want? For example, if you’re a certified personal trainer, you could post an infographic that shows how running and other cardio exercises burn “X-amount” of calories. If you’re a doctor, you could post a video of you speaking about how patients can stay healthy during the flu season. Images, infographics and videos are necessary for your content marketing to work.

2. Be brief.

Did you know tweets of 140 characters or less get retweeted the most? Why? Because they’re easy to read. Your audience can scan a tweet and decide whether or not to share it. If you include a link, they can quickly decide to click on the link, and of course, share your blog post or article. Remember that most people have limited time and attention spans have shrunk because of information overload.

3. Listen more.

Instead of bombarding your audience with information they don’t want or need or care about, why not listen to them? Read comments on blog posts and articles. To show that your care about your audience, ask questions. Gather as much feedback as possible because you can use the information to adjust your content marketing strategy.

4. Pay attention to statistics.

Do you use Google Analytics? Do you pay attention to Facebook and other social media statistics? If you’re not, it’s time to implement statistics right now. If you’re unsure of how to use Google Analytics, check out the Google Analytics Training site. Or have your web developed place the coding on your website. Using Facebook stats is easy. All you do is click on the See Insights tab on your page and review the information. For example, if you want to see demographics (who viewed your page?), click on People and you’ll see the percentage of men and women who viewed your page. You can do the same for Posts, Reach, Visits and Likes. For Twitter, use HootSuite or Bit.ly and create trackable links. This way you can see how many clicks your links receive. Statistics are helpful when analyzed on a consistent basis.

5. Create and stick to an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is your friend. For example, each month you can create a “theme” for the month. If you’re a dentist, you can focus on tooth decay and how to avoid it. If you’re a women’s divorce life coach, you can focus on how to overcome a painful, unexpected divorce. You get the pictures. Using an editorial calendar will benefit you and your small business in so many ways, from creating new story angles to having content to post each month.

6. Meet deadlines.

If you set a goal, you’ll want to attach a deadline to it. You’ll also want to be held accountable for reaching it. It’s the same thing with content marketing. For example, if you want to publish 10 blog posts per month, attach a deadline to each post. If the posts are to be finished by the 5th of each month, make sure they’re completed. Deadlines are your friend. Treat them well and they’ll work for you.

7. Be consistent.

Are you posting information on a consistent basis? If you’re not, it’s time to start. Why? Because when people visit your website, they’ll expect to see blog posts and/or videos on the same day. If you’re not consistent, you’ll disappoint visitors and they won’t return to your website.

If you use the above ways to supercharge your content marketing, you should see an improvement in no time. Your social media networks and website should see more traffic, likes, shares, follows and comments.

Over to you. What content marketing tips can you share? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Boom!

    Consistency is the point that I like. Nothing can assist consistency unless you actually do it.

    Thanks for the article!

    – Samuel

  2. Samuel,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Consistency matters as does an editorial calendar. For example, I’m in Northeast Ohio and it’s pretty cold and blustery outside. In fact, I lost my internet connection around 5:30 am. If I didn’t write and schedule my blog post ahead of time, my readers wouldn’t have a new post to read. 🙂 It pays to write and schedule posts.

    Thanks again for stopping by Savvy-Writer.com. Have a great day!

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