Writers Recharge Your Creative Battery

Writers have a tendency to get “stuck” in their writing. It’s recommended that you take breaks when you write, but this may not be enough. You may have to schedule a short road trip to recharge those writing batteries!

Freelance writers can have many clients or work with one or two steady clients. They’re constantly writing non-stop without any real vacation. This can work against you. It’s important to take a “vacation from writing” now and again. It can do wonders for your creative spirit.

Writers often suffer from writer’s block. This can be cured by taking breaks throughout the day. Take a lunch break just as you would if you worked as a full-time writer for a small business. Take 10-minute or 15-minute breaks throughout the day as well. Go for a brisk walk, listen to music, read the newspaper, or watch some TV.


Tips to Recharging Your Writing Battery

  • Take a week’s vacation. Getting out of town is a great idea. Go to the ocean, visit a National Park (U.S.), or visit a foreign country. Forget about writing and just enjoy your time away from it; you’ll be back to writing in no time;
  • Take a road trip within your state or country. Visit areas that you’ve never been to before and enjoy the ride. Discover “gems” that are right in your backyard. You may even write about your adventure;
  • Get back to nature. Walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean, hugging a tree, or canoeing on a river can do wonders for your creative spirit. Get some “nature therapy” and watch as the creative juices begin to flow;
  • Read fiction books. Back off of the “non-fiction” reading for awhile. A good book of fiction can spark creativity that may be dormant.
  • Do yoga or meditate. Stopping all thought for at least 15-minutes a day can refresh your mind. It’s believed that humans have 60,000 or more thoughts per day. Yikes! Take a reprise from thinking and tune out for a few minutes. You’ll feel wide awake and ready to write!

Getting out of your comfort zone can help recharge your creative battery. Visiting the ocean can do wonders for your creativity. Walking along the beach is a great way to unwind and relax your mind. Let your thoughts drift away and be present with Mother Nature.


What have you done to keep the creativity flowing?