Industries That Will Hire Freelance Writers the Most

Freelance writers, do you want to know the industries that are hiring the most in 2011? Would you like to know where your freelance writing clients are? Your clients can be found in the following industries: office staffing, tourism, education, restaurants, car dealerships, doctors, home-building, warehouse clubs and super-centers, nursing homes and elderly services, and […]

3 Reasons Why Proofreading Your Writing Is Important

If you don’t proofread your writing, you could diminish your credibility. It’s up to you, the freelance writer, to make sure your writing is error free. After all, if a client is paying you $3,000 for a monthly newsletter, it better be spot-on. It’s embarrassing for you and your client if writings such as brochures, […]

The Bottom Line with Rebecca: Self-Publishing

There are many self-publishing platforms to choose from. How do you know which one will serve you best? Research the various platforms and select the one that resonates with you. Check these publishers out: CreateSpace, Lulu, Authorhouse, Balboa Press, and others. Self-publishing takes commitment. Are you ready for it? If you are then get ready […]

How the Savvy Freelance Writer Gets Ideas

Do you have trouble coming up with blog posts or articles? Stop stressing and start reading more blogs, article websites, newspapers, books, journals, and magazines. Start listening to talk radio. Pay attention to the ‘chatter’ on social websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe to newsletters. Attend teleseminars and webinars. These aren’t crimes against freelance […]

Increase Your Facebook Fan Page by Talking about Facebook

How would you like to increase your Facebook page? Many freelance writers, authors, businesses, and professionals have Facebook fan pages for different reasons. Authors and freelance writers use them to increase book sales and or gain clients. If your fan page doesn’t have many fans, talking about Facebook could change that. This sounds off beat […]