How the Savvy Freelance Writer Gets Ideas

Do you have trouble coming up with blog posts or articles? Stop stressing and start reading more blogs, article websites, newspapers, books, journals, and magazines. Start listening to talk radio. Pay attention to the ‘chatter’ on social websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe to newsletters. Attend teleseminars and webinars. These aren’t crimes against freelance writing — they’re life savers!

I have a confession to make: I do create some of my blog posts and articles from the articles I read in newspapers, newsletters, and magazines. I put a different ‘spin’ on it because my target audience isn’t the same. I’ll also create articles based on conversations I’ve overheard; my ears usually ‘perk up’ if I hear a great phrase or word. I wrote blog posts and articles based on conversations I’ve had with people. Am I a lazy freelance writer? No, I’m an observer. I am, after all, the Savvy-Writer!

Where the savvy freelance writer finds ideas

    Article websites
    Talk radio
    Social networks
    Conversations you have
    Conversations other people have
    Pop culture
    Press releases
    Your life experiences
    The life experiences of others
    Talk shows
    Television shows
    Your blogs or articles

There’s no need to rifle through garbage cans at night to discover great ideas. Although, this would make a great story if you did. Use the above sources if you have difficulty coming up with ideas. If you find an idea in a newspaper or magazine article, write your blogs and articles from an angle that will suit your target audience. If the idea is stellar, you can probably write from more than one angle.

You won’t have a shortage of ideas because there are plenty of ways for a freelance writer to come up with them. You could do a brainstorming session but that may take too long. There’s nothing wrong with creating writings based on published ideas. If you’re familiar with the term collective consciousness, you realize that you’re not the only freelance writer in the world thinking about writing articles from a specific angle. The only difference is the words you use. That’s it! However, if you copy blogs and articles word-for-word that’s called plagiarism and you’ll be in serious trouble! Use the above list the next time you’re stressing about writing blog posts and articles. Good luck!


Where do your ideas come from? Share.


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