Industries That Will Hire Freelance Writers the Most

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Freelance writers, do you want to know the industries that are hiring the most in 2011? Would you like to know where your freelance writing clients are? Your clients can be found in the following industries: office staffing, tourism, education, restaurants, car dealerships, doctors, home-building,
warehouse clubs and super-centers, nursing homes and elderly services, and supermarket and grocery stores. If you’re savvy at sales and marketing, you can land one or more writing opportunities within these industries.

Industries that freelance writers can market to in 2011

Office recruiting and staffing. You know who they are: Kelly Services, Accountemps, Adecco, Spherion, Aerotek, and others will be recruiting and staffing for their clients. Why not take advantage of this and see how you can improve their web copy and print copy? Perhaps they don’t have a blog or the current posts aren’t that great. You could help them change that.

Tourism. This is good news for travel writers! Travel increases when economic conditions level off or improve. However, baby boomers will never stop traveling; therefore, tourism won’t be going away anytime soon. Hint: The U.S. remains a top travel destination spot for foreigners.

Education. Education remains important. Public schools, colleges, and universities will experience a surge in new jobs.

Restaurants. Are you a secret foodie? You’re in for a treat if you are. When the economy recovers, people will begin to eat out more. You could become a freelance food and wine critic or write for restaurants. If you’re a good writer, you could experience a ‘perk’ here and there such as coupons or a free lunch or meal on your birthday!

Car dealerships. Do you love to go from 0-60 in less than 2-seconds? If you love cars, you could write for dealerships in your area and around the U.S. How cool would it be to ‘test drive’ the latest models and then write a review?

Doctors. Paging Dr. A. Freelance Writer! Baby boomers are getting older and require more medical facilities to care for them. This means more doctors and specialists will be needed now and in the future. If you have an interest in health care, you could become the ‘expert’ medical freelance writer.

Home-building. Who loves real estate? I do! People can talk trash about the real estate industry all they want, but what goes down must go up. Unless the ‘power players’ from major countries such as the North America, Europe, Africa, and others get together and tell people to stop reproducing, the real estate industry will make a comeback.

Warehouse clubs and super-centers. Do you like to shop at Sam’s Club or Costco? You could become their next freelance writer. Consumers like to save time and money and will continue to flock to these stores.

Nursing homes and elderly services. Baby boomers will become senior boomers. This means they’ll be entering traditional nursing-homes and assisted living. New establishments could begin to emerge and these businesses will need help with their writing.

Supermarket and grocery stores. Americans love to eat, and they’ll begin to frequent their choice supermarket and grocery stores more and more. These organizations can use your help with copywriting and email marketing to their consumers.


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